Supply clips

Do you have a video clip for SchlagerTV in a format suitable for broadcasting? Then you can deliver it digitally via, for example, WeTransfer. Please don't forget to clearly and correctly state the artist, title and your contact details. A clip may not contain titles on screen and may not be preceded by color bars / slates or other expressions. In addition, the file must not contain unnecessary black at the beginning and end.

SchlagerTV accepts all types of files, but keep in mind that not everything is suitable for broadcast on television. For example, make sure that your video clip has the correct resolution, frame rate and bit rate. With a lack of image quality, it often does not help to convert the file. It is therefore preferable to deliver the original file to us. If there are problems with the file you will hear from our music editor. You could also request advice from an audiovisual company or professional.

Clips for SchlagerTV can be sent to